Saudi Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa against Solidarity Marches with Gaza

Riyadh:  A fatwa has been issued against pro-Gaza marches by a Saudi cleric who says that demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians “are just useless demagogic actions.”

The fatwa was issued by Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti and General President for Scientific Researches and Fatwa, Abdul Aziz Al Ash-Sheikh.

This comes at a time after which several demonstrations have been organized in Arab and non-Arabs countries alike in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. These demonstrations have taken place since the Zionist aggression on Palestinians starting, July 8.

According to Al Ghadeer TV, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti said that the pro-Gaza demonstrations “are just useless demagogic actions, that won’t help Palestinians.” “Demagoguery does not work. It is just an exaggeration,” he added.

The Saudi Grand Mufti called upon Saudi Arabia’s citizens to donate money as humanitarian aid to Palestinians, rather than mobilizing in solidarity marches. The Grand Mufti hailed the Saudi Arabian King’s donation to the victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and urged Saudi citizens to do the same.

After a long silence on the Israeli aerial, naval and ground attacks on Gaza since July 8, last week King Abdullah issued a directive to donate SR100 million ($53.3 million) to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Abdul Aziz Al Ash-Sheikh is not the only Saudi Mufti to say solidarity demonstrations with Gaza is “haram.” Earlier this week, another prominent Saudi Arabian cleric, Saleh Al-Luhaidan described the pro-Palestine marches as “demagogic denouncements.” Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan who is a Member of the Council of Senior Scholars said that these marches lead to “acts of chaos and sabotage.”

Al-Luhaidan said that even if these marches don’t lead to chaos and sabotage; they keep people away from being close to God. Instead, Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan urged Saudi citizens to pray for Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, The Muslim community all across globe have decided to hold demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The demonstrations according to reports will be peaceful, and will be aimed at conveying the voice of the Muslims to the respective governments, to put pressure on them to stop the massacres of the children of the Palestinian people. 

These demonstrations according to Muslim bodies all across globe will play a great role and be very effective in conveying the views of the Muslims to the politicians, to put pressure on the Zionist government to put a stop to the massacres of the children in Palestine. 


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