English translation Of Sheikh-ul-Alam’s poems released

Riahana Maqbool
Srinagar: A seminar was today held at the Markez-i- Noor Centre, Sheikh-ul-Alam Studies in University of Kashmir. An English and Urdu translation of poetry written by Kashmir’s patron saint Sheikh-Ul-Alam Noor-u-Din’s poetry was released. ‘Alchemy of light II’ – by Ghulam Nabi Adfar ‘was released in the seminar. The 489 page translation is the second volume of the saint’s mystic poetry.

The book was released by the vice chancellor of university of Kashmir, professor talat aziz.
Speaking at the book release professor Talat Ahmad said that “the poetry of Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA) is under the process of translation. He also said that the poetry of Sheikh-ul-Alam(RA) should be translated in into other languages as well so that the whole world will read it. The saying of Sheikh-ul-Alam has the same value today as they had years back. Youngsters should come forward to make the work of Sheikh-ul-Alam known and the authors and the old people should as help them in every possible way so that the work would be preserved for the coming generations also.

The book contains translation of 350 mystic versus Shreuks written by Sheikh-Ul-Alam (RA).
Spaeaking on the occasion the author of the book said the basic motivation for him to translate the poetry is that ‘my close proximity to Sheikh-ul-Alam’ citing his native village of Chare-e-Sherif, the town where the saints Shrine is located. “This is my duty as the son of the soil” Adfar said.

Bashir Ahmad Kirmani, the chief guest on the occasion said that “the work of Sheikh-ul-Alam is based on Islam. He has done a lot for the Kashmiris that no one ever did and his work is extensive and therefor it should be translated to every possible language. And the work should be translated to its real meaning.
Talking about the digitization of the Kashmiri poetry and work noted poet, Ghulam Nabi Gowher said that “All the translated and the non-translated work should be put on the University website, so that it will be easy for all to read,”
“We had earlier requested all the authors to take photographs or scan of the available manuscripts so that we could upload it on the website. The work would have been later published in the local newspapers, but the plan did not work out,” said Bashar Bashir.
Bashir further said that “we have translated the works of Baba Kamil and Baba Khalil which will be released soon,”
Retired Justice Bashir Ahmad Kirmani, DC Srinagar Farooq Ahmad Shah and other renowned academicians were also present at the book release.


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