Geelani condemns Karachi attack, killing of Shia Piligrims in Pakistan

Srinagar: The chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed AlI Shah Geelani has condemned the attack on Karachi International Airport and the killings of Shia pilgrims in Pakistan.

In a statement issued to GNS, the octogenarian leader said: “Due to the conspiracy of foreign powers and the sick minded people within the country, Pakistan is passing through the most difficult times of the history and this time it is the duty and responsibility of every patriotic  Pakistani to leave the differences apart and unanimously work for the safety of their country.”

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which claims to be fight for the imposition Sharia in the country had owned the responsibility of the attack.

Geelani appealed the Emir of AfghanTaliban Mullah Mohammad Umar who are fighting against the occupational forces in Afghanistan that he should use his influence in stopping the ‘terrorist activities’ of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) against the Pakistan and make them understand that they are ‘axing the same branch of the tree on which they are sitting’.

He expressed his profound grief and sorrow over the death of soldiers and civilians and said that whoever is involved in this airport attack, they are the worst enemies of the country who are using the name of Islam and they can’t produce any moral, legal or religious justification for this.

“If the personals of TTP are involved into these activities and they are doing this willingly to implement the Islamic system in Pakistan then I want to tell them that Islam have neither spread through force in the past nor can this ‘kind system of justice’ be implemented with the help of bombs and ammunition in future also. In Islam all the rights to fight the enemies and the anti-social forces have been kept reserved with the Islamic state and if this Islamic principle were changed then the lawlessness, disharmony and the anarchy will spread everywhere in the world and which will never and no way suits the principles and policies of Islam,” he said.

Geelani Sahab expressed his sorrow that with regarding to the implementation of Islamic system of governance, TTP is bypassing all the famous and great scholars of Islam and they are adopting the ways which are of their own choice and they have no argument or justification to prove this.

“The decisions out of emotions can destroy the human lives but these types of activities can’t be fruitful for the cause and it can adversely affect the Image of Islam…According to the preliminary investigation report about the Karachi airport attack and the ammunition ceased thereof, the foreign hand into the attack can’t be ruled out and if it is proved then the Pakistan government without any fear, should point out the country or the person involved in the attack. Any kind of weakness shown at this stage can prove destructive for the future,” he said.

Geelani also termed the killing of Shia pilgrims in Balochistan as the worst kind of terrorist and anti-humanity activities and said that the sect violence is the result of a big international conspiracy against the Islam and unfortunately some Muslim countries are also involved into these activities. He said that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had left a one and united Ummah but the narrow minded, selfish and self claimed scholars scattered this Ummah into pieces. 

The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir expressed solidarity with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan army chief Mr. Raheel Sharif and the people of Pakistan and assured them that the oppressed people of Kashmir are with their Pakistani brethren in these trying times and we are praying for the peace, safety and stability of this country.(GNS)


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