PDP uses 'militant letter pads' to threaten NC workers : Farooq Abdullah

Khansahab : Holding People’s Democratic Party directly responsible for the  ‘extermination’ of National Conference workers and leaders right from 1996, NC patron Dr Farooq Abdullah Tuesday said that PDP threatens NC supporters by making use of the letter pads of militant organizations.

“This party (PDP) defames militant organizations as it uses their letter pads, gets them pasted on walls and poles with an intend to threaten National Conference workers. It is not the job of militants to paste posters on poles and walls,” Farooq Abdullah said while addressing an election rally at Rawalpora, Khansahab in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Tuesday.
 In its continuing attack on rival party, Dr Farooq Abdullah said that PDP can go to any extent to grab the power. “PDP carries out attacks on NC workers. 

This party wants to keep NC supporters at bay. All the attacks that were carried out in Kashmir Valley on NC workers were the handiwork of this party. This party is responsible for the killing and extermination of NC leaders and workers,” he said.
He went ahead by claiming that right from 1996, PDP started targeting NC leaders and workers with a view to weaken National Conference.- CNS 


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